It was a gathering of young people and everyone talked and spoke but a voice stood out, it came from behind, alerted all my senses and forced my head towards it’s direction, I was taken aback by the beauty that stared at me, Natural in all ramification! Could this be a human voice? I asked myself rhetorically, while I was still lost in thought that same voice echoed and brought me back to reality.
I was already a captive, enslaved to the sound of this heavenly voice and the thought of that beautiful being. 
History it is now, Abigail, that young woman accepted to be my lady, it’s six years now and still counting, everything still as fresh as yesterday.
looking back in time and seeing all the things we have been through together, moments of tears and laughter, sadness and happiness, moment when it looked like all was lost and gone, but through it all our love stayed alive. Moment I had to learn that being in love meant loving her imperfections, weakness and strength in a perfect way, she taught me the principles of forgiveness just like christ taught! Everyday I wake up gives me another chance to treat her right, love her right, cherish her sight, share her plight and love her more! 
She is my elixir, the woman I was designed to love, the future mother of my children, the pillar of my home, my chan

nel of joy.



It’s time for work said mummy and daddy; it was a holiday so Kate was going to be home with her loving uncle Moka. Kate’s parents soon left for work leaving her in company of her uncle. It was 7:30 am so Kate decided to go back to bed and sleep some more since she was on a long vacation.
She had barely closed her eyes when the door to her room opened, it was uncle Moka, he smiled as their eyes met and she returned the gesture (after all this is her favorite uncle we are talking about). He sat on the bed beside her and began to stroke her hair saying she should relax and sleep. She was comfortable and happy at least he does that often even when her parents were around. But this time around it did not stop there, his hands began to move slowly all over her body, this was strange to her and although she was just nine years old she knew this was wrong and she tried to move away from him but he pulled her back and mildly told her to relax.
By this time his countenance began to change and fear gripped her heart. His voice was becoming firm and authoritative, he grew in aggression and pinned her hands when she tried to stop him. He stripped her of her clothes and at that point she prayed and hoped that God could give her the strength of a superman one of her favorite cartoon series. She could not understand what was going on or what uncle moka had in mind, reality downed on her when he removed his trousers and she was face to face with an erect penis. He commanded her in a voice that sent chills down her spine to play with this rather unusual toy that had blood flowing in it, out of fear of the unknown she grabbed it and did as was commanded it was strange but deep within her she knew she was doing the wrong thing.
The moment that she will never forget soon came, uncle moka climbed her little body and penetrated her with a thrust, never has she felt or imagined such pain in her entire life; she could feel her soul tearing apart. She wept more out of pain and shock than understanding and regret because at that moment she only understood the physical pain she felt and not the process. When he was done inflicting physical and emotional pain on her, he washed her clean and promised her heaven and earth and begged her not to tell anybody. He buys her favorite teddy, and chocolate to choke her into silence. She could not tell mummy and daddy when they returned and they were too tired to notice that their daughter was in pains.
Well uncle moka continued his bizarre act until she was thirteen and he left the house, by this time She was so used to sex and she became a free will offering to every wiling man.
Susan was 12 and was not doing so well in school, her parents tried all they could but their schedule could not make them achieve much and there was little improvement. Her mum worked as a nurse and her daddy worked out of town, so they hardly had time. They both agreed to get her a lesson teacher to help her each day she comes from school. Corper John was the right man for the job.
Two weeks have passed by and Susan was already picking up, thanks to Corper John. She was fond of her new teacher and happy about her lesson arrangements. It was time for lesson as usual and Susan was already seated, John looked at her with a smile and beckoned on her to come closer, she did as she was commanded and with a smile (devilish smile) he told her to sit on his laps, she wondered what he was up to but she sat anyway. When he had his grip tightly around her, he whispered into her ears and said “I will teach you something new today”, she heard him but did not understand what this new subject was all about. Close your eyes he said, and she obeyed him after all he is her teacher and he was about introducing a new topic.
He began to fondle her breast while he held on tightly to her, her blood began to race like cars in formula 1, she tried to stop him but her will power could not match his physical strength. He had his way and from that day they took different lessons academically and physically.
Aisha was just six years old when she moved to a new home with her family. Living next door to them was a kind and loving lady called Fatima. She was greatly loved by all the children in the neighborhood and Aisha was not an exception. Parents were happy whenever their children go to Fatima’s house because she took time to teach them and some times take them out. Fatima lived alone in her apartment and hardly had visitors.
One day Aisha and her two friends Rahila and Maimuna went to visit Fatima as it was a usual thing for them. She welcomed them with snacks and told them to be free to even come to her bedroom which she hardly allowed before. She took them to her inner chambers and they watched as she slide out of her gown. It was an unusual sight. But they watched on in surprise. She had by this time firmly put her door under lock and key. What transpired after wards is better imagined.
She made them fondle her breast and stroke her private part. Sometimes she made them kiss each other and do the unimaginable. This act continued for a long time until Fatima was transferred out of town. Although Fatima was no longer around, these little girls continued the act on their own. It became a way of life and the only sex they knew was lesbian sex.
Friends, one day you will have children and how you bring them up really matters. Trust nobody and always make your children your best friend. Never be too busy to teach them and never allow others do your parental job for you, they might do it wrongly and dangerously.


Boom! it sounded like thunder, but the sky was clear and there was no trace of rain, not even a cloud. People ran in confusion as the thick clouds gathered, not of rain but of smoke and dust, people screaming in different tempos and octaves, it was a show of wickedness, sadness and sorrow, a show of terror¸ it was a bomb blast.
Mother looking for child, child looking for father, some already in the hot hands of death, roasted like barbecue never to be seen whole again. It is so because a few have chosen to make life unlivable, unbearable and a living hell for the simple reason of instilling there satanic ideology by hook or crook, they want us to think like them, live like them and believe what they believe. They want us to go back to the Dark Age because darkness is all their hearts can carry.
They are products of extremism, brain washed, heart washed and washed of every human sympathy, because their very own life does not matter to them. They believe it is a service to god, who waits to reward them with a harem fool of virgins when they go yonder. No wonder their zeal cannot be questioned. But if a god like this exists, who takes delight in the death of harmless innocent souls, children made orphans, wives made widows, and men left without a family, then he is but a god of sorrow.
At this point considering the amount of followers this people have, the lives they are taking, the doctrine the so strongly believe, the questions begging for answers will be “were did it really go wrong?” why is there violence all over the world, because of a religious stand? Are these products of false teaching? Or rather still negligence? Why will some group of people want to force their ideology on me? Why will you choose to kill me because I refuse to accept them? I will try my best to answer these questions from my personal point of views and experience.
All my life, I have stayed in the north, I was born and brought up in Jos plateau state, did my high school in Maiduguri Borno state and got a diploma in yola Adamawa state and presently reside in Gombe state. Except in Jos, I have lived in predominate Muslim communities and I can confidently tell you that Terrorism is but a fragment of the bigger problem. All my life in the north I have noticed that when there is a religious crisis, a particular set of group are always responsible for the attacks. They are the Almajiri’s. The elites among them will never be found.
Firstly, I am a Christian and my bible tells me that “train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” All over the north there are children who are set aside to be trained as Quranic disciples. They are left with little or no care thoroughly beaten during the cause of study and left without any trace of western education. They grow in the most bizarre condition and they are in their millions. The clerics teaching these pupils are also in their thousands. It is important to note that from my observation, these clerics defer in character and ideology, some of them hate western education, some have not hidden their hatred for Christianity and these children being disciples will definitely follow in the footstep of their teacher. There is no uniform system in place that checks the orientations and the kind of quranic doctrines these children receive, so these children are left at the mercy of their teacher. It will be difficult to change or persuade a person who has spent his entire life time learning that western education is a sin or every non Muslim is an enemy of Allah to change these ideologies over night.
It’s high time for Islamic clerics and faithful to go beyond condemning extremism and insurgency on televisions and on pages of papers, it’s time for them teach there faithful to respect the religion and ideology of others.
Since Nigeria is combination of different religions, tribes and culture, the best we can do for ourselves if we must remain as a nation is respect the wish of people and decisions. I look forward to a Nigeria were love, respect and honesty will be our foundation. I love every Muslim, pagan and traditional worshiper at least that’s what my religion enjoins of me to do. Remember “were your right end’s that were another man’s right begins.” If you must persuade people to join your religion or buy your view, if you must tell people about your God, do it in a manner that will not portray your God or religion as a bringer of death and sorrow.




I traveled in the company of little children who went for a convention from Jos to Gombe State. On arrival, a nine year old girl by name Aneteeh Bulus was told to pray and we all closed our eyes and she started praying, while she was still praying she said at a point “father I pray for those who are killing, bombing and kidnapping litlle children, I pray that you touch them, I am not asking that you destroy them but change them and touch their hearts so that the can serve you rightly”.
By the time she was through with praying, I could hardly say amen. I was touched by her compassion for nigeria and above all her show of love towards people who have in one way or the other made nigeria unsafe for her.
She was concerned more of their redemption rather than their destruction, no wonder christ speaking said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”
That was an uncommon show of love, that was an evidence of a child who has been thought the principles of love, it is therefore important that it should be a priority to bring up our kids in love, be it at home, schools or anywhere we have the opportunity to impact children.
I see a great future for nigeria and our kids if everyone makes it as a duty to show love even to people who are not lovable. The prayer of this young girl has touched me in such a way that my life cannot be the same again!
Let me quickly say this, people who study, work, play and teach children make great leaders and better citizens, dedicate some time for children.
Note: this is strictly my opinion.



Growing up as a child was fun, and one thing I and my friends enjoyed doing then in the peaceful city of Jos was watching the herds of cattle that grazed in our nieghbourhood and accompanied by the herdsmen (the Fulani’s). I can assure you that back in those days it was a beautiful thing to behold and their presence meant no harm.
Today the story is different, within the last two years especially the middle belt region there has been series of sectarian clash between the fulani herds men and local farmers. What strikes me the most is the mode through which these attacks are carried out. The story is the same in all the affected area which include kaduna, plateau, benue, nasarawa, kogi state and the most recent, wukari in taraba state.
In all the reports in the media and the ones provided by eye witnesses, one sentence kept surfacing ” unknown gun men suspected to be herds men” was virtually in evey tabloid, further investigation proved that these unknown gun men who are suspected to be herdsmen wield AK-47 and pump actions! Now, the question is this, how on earth did nomadic fulani cattle rearers lay their hands on such weapons? Who thought them how to use it so well in carrying out attacks and counter attacks? The answer is not far fetched, another monster is in the making, a new form of terrorism is being nurtured and if nothing is being done at these early stage then we might have another set of terrorist to fight in the near future.
Going by the history of insurgency in nigeria starting from the metesine in the 80’s down to boko haram, they did not just appear a day and started killing, they were left unchecked and at the end of the day people paid with their lives and property.
Its high time the government step in and begin to fish out these elements before it grows from communal/ ethnic clash to a religious war because that’s were it all leads to.
Its high time these “gun men suspected to be herds men are fished out and the source of their weapons investigated. But as it is the trend in nigeria, communal crisis are not given the attention that it needs. It should be dealt with in all seriousness before it becomes an event that will engulf the whole nation in crisis considering the nomadic nature of these herdsmen.
I want to see the herds men I was used to seeing as a child with staffs and sticks controlling their cattle while they grazed peacefully, not cattle rearers who carry guns and murder people in their sleep and render women and children homeless!
Nigeria must stand!!!



I like to read about the biographies of great men and women, it inspires me a lot. One day while I was lost in thought it occurred to me that these people while they were alive or while they were busy doing what they were doing did not realize that their story will be told one day.
Friends one day someone will make reference to you, what will be said about you, are you living your life without being conscious that you will be part of history someday? Some people leave such a terrible record that the stigma is passed to their offspring. Will the thought of you bring memories of happiness or sadness? Will the stories written about you change a life or leave a scare? It is clear that our live no matter your position or social status is meant to touch other lives.
No matter what happens to you the essence of your existence should be focused on the general development of man. In as much as we are responsible for our lives, we are also responsible for the lives of those around us.
Be the best you can be at all times because one day someone will write something about you! The choice is yours to make. As for me I choose to be at my very best so that my life will motivate people around me and generations to come.



Often at times, when we talk about love or love is been mentioned, our mind goes to the relationship between a boy and a girl, our family and friends etc. But there is more to love than a feeling of care and affection we owe to these set of persons. I am talking about love that knows no gender, colour, race or diffrence, love that goes beyond our religious believes even when rejected.
To me christ is the perfect example worthy of emulation. He is the standard of a perfect love, a love that is not jealous or envious, boastful or proud, never haughty, selfish or rude, a love that does not demand his own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It holds no grudge and hardly notice when others do wrong (it does not mean that you should not correct people when the do wrong), it is never glad about injustice and rejoices whenever truth wins out. See 1st corithians 13: 4-6. That is the kind of love that everyone not just christians ought to live if we must be ambassadors of love!
You can classify love into as many categories as you want but I feel the love of God should be the standard for all of them.
I believe that love and lust should not be confused and used interchangeably or one inserted in the other! Today you find a guy telling a girl he wants to have sex with “I love you” I ask again, can that be love?
Unlike lust, Gods kind of love is directed outward towards others and not inward towards ourselves. It is utterly unselfish. I believe that this kind of love is not natural and it is only possible if God supernaturally helps us set aside our own desires and instincts, so we can give and show love while expecting nothing in return, thus the closer we come to christ, the more love we can receive and show to others!
I love you all.



I read this and I want to share it with you. This is a true story that happened in Japan.
In order to renovate the house,
someone in Japan breaks open the wall.
Japanese houses normally have ahollow space
between the wooden walls.
When tearing down the walls, hefound that there was
a lizard stuck there
because a nail from outside hammered into one of its
He sees this, feels pity, and at thesame time curious,
as when he checked the nail,
it was nailed 5 years ago when the house was first
built !!!
What happened?
The lizard has survived in such position for 5
years!!!!!!!!!! ­­
In a dark wall partition for 5 years without moving,
it is impossible and mind-boggling.
Then he wondered how this lizard survived for 5
years! without moving a single step–since its foot
was nailed!
So he stopped his work and observed the lizard,
what it has been doing, and what and how it has
been eating.
Later, not knowing from where it came, appears
another lizard, with food in its mouth.
Ah! He was stunned and touched deeply.
For the lizard that was stuck by nail, another lizard
has been feeding it for the past 5 years…
Imagine? it has been doing that untiringly for 5 long
years, without giving up hope on its partner.
Imagine what a small creature can do that a creature
blessed with a brilliant mind can’t.
Please never abandon your lovedones
Never Say U R Busy When They Really Need You …
You May Have The Entire World At Your Feet…..
But You Might Be The Only WorldTo Them….
A Moment of negligence might break the very heart
which lovedyou against all odds..
Before you say something just takes a
moment to Break but an entire lifetime to make..



She had a voice that sounded like a huming bird, gentle and inviting! It caught my attension and i fell for her charm, you cant blame me because as human we go for what seem best for us sometimes against good councel. We started our love story and at first it was the best thing that has happened 2 me. But as time passed by, things changed and i learnt a bitter truth, behind evey beauty there is a demon waiting to be unlished. She grew in popularity and fame, and she became the delight of many. She tried her best to stay true to me but the presure was more than her strength. She gave in and the story is diffrent today. Core of this litle story of mine is this “IF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOUR ABILITY TO STAY TRUE AND PRINCIPLED AND NOT GET CARRIED AWAY BY FAME AND PRAISE MAKES YOU CLASSY! Welcome to my blog were i will be sharing my life experiences.